TEN - Happy 25th

I wasn't there from the beginning but after I found out about Pearl Jam, this record, and all the others the released ever since, have been the soundtrack of my life for better or worst, ups and downs.

Now that the debates have cooled and the dust has settled, however, TEN stands tall as one of the most iconic records of its era.

Is very difficult to express into words what you feel when you're listening Release and pouring rain wets your face while you sing along with thousands of friends. When you jump with Jeff and scream "yeah" during "Even Flow". When you whisper "Black" into a soul. When you lose your voice from calling "Jeremy". When your fingers bleed from playing "Porch" time and time again, When you are walking on the beach and "Oceans" is playing, even if only in your head.

I wasn't there from the beginning but I'm sure will be there at the end - whenever that will be.