A night to remember for the NBA

Last night was a night to remember for the NBA. Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest of all time, hanged this shoes but not without first dropping 60 against the Utah Jazz - one of the rare wins for the Lakers this season. Some may say that the Jazz didn't play, but believe me, no one likes to lose on this kind of nights - just ask Jalen Rose, to this day he still gets flack about Kobe's 81 game. I'm not a Lakers fan, but is impossible to not recognize Kobe's work ethic and competitive spirit. Aside from Jordan, no other player gave more effort to the game. Most of the times, Kobe tried to do it all in determent of the team game. He wanted to ball and was not scared to take the last shot. He embraced the pressure. The game was definitely better with him.

This takes me to the other historic moment that happened last night.

The Warriors established a new record with 73 wins on the regular season. The previous record belonged to the 96' Bulls - yeah that team. This was the time I remember to start following basketball, the Bulls and Jordan were on top of the world. Fast forwarding a decade, I began to appreciate team basketball - The San Antonio Spurs. Today, the Golden State Warriors elevate the term team basketball to a whole new level. Everyone on that team plays a role and they embrace it, from Curry to Iguodala. Last season people said that the Warriors were lucky and a couple of weeks ago, Scottie Pippen said that the 96' Bulls would sweep the Warriors. People should take their egos a couple notches down and appreciate this team and what they accomplished.