Apple Music Reviewed in a Playlist

So, as I reviewed Apple Music, it seemed fairly obvious what I had to do: create a playlist that echoed my experience

I loved Joanna's idea, so I accepted her challenge and create my own playlist to represent my experience:

  1. "Bugs" - Pearl Jam
    Adding songs to playlist still has a lot of bugs.
  2. "Slow" - Depeche Mode
    Using the app on my iPad 2 is almost impossible.
  3. "Anthem for the Year 2000" - Silverchair
    The return of radio with Beats1.
  4. "Stockholm Syndrome" - Muse
    I didn't like that Apple made opt-in by default on the renew but at the end of the day, no one will care.
  5. "Crash Into Me" - Dave Matthews Band
    This can be a love song.
  6. "Last Exit" - Pearl Jam
    But also is the last change for the industry. Only Apple can provide the scale to make it work. I don't see a lot of future for companies like Spotify, Pandora or Rdio.
  7. "Faith" - Limp Bizkit
    And I have faith

If you want to listen to it, here is the link.