Fiction and the modern outrages

To me Game of Thrones is a great series, and even better story on the books, because no one is perfect or safe and like in the real world, the hero does not always win. The conflicts that each character has to struggle from family to enemies, from honor to betrayal. Wisdom over strength, brains over muscules is the only way to "say no to the only god". Because of it, we love the characters and feel sad when they die. Season 5 of Game of Thrones, brought deaths, socking scenes that provoce a lot of rage on people. 

However I have a problem with people trying to make political points on actions that hurt their side and closing their eyes when its on their favor. If you can not handle rape, is ok for you to point that entertainment shouldn't had it but if you only feel outrage when your favorite character suffers from it and previous rapes went by without a problem, then you are being hypocrite. If a innocent character is killed by no reason and you go on tweeting "OMG #OhPleaseSomeoneThinkOfTheChildrens" but you have no problem when your favorite character kills an innocent and you tweet "bla la rocks #StrongWomen", step down from your high horse and chillout.

I'm fine when someone says "This is just too much pain for me to handle". If you are seeing it for the entertainment, at some point you will say "No!" to another punch in the stomach. These people understand that is just fiction, but they don't won't to feel this roller coaster of emotions. Kudos to you, because probably you will leave a much happier life than me.