WWDC 2015

Two and a half hours? Is Apple starting to copying Google's keynotes? Well that aside, they are doubling down on Search. Siri continues to improve (I know I know about that awkward moment when Eddy Cue ask for "Selma" OST and got "Selene" from Imagine Dragons - it's close..). Semantic recognition from text seems to took a step forward across the system with time, places and people queries.

iOS9 got faster and lighter with Swift and Metal taking a major role on it. The Multitask feature, also know as split screen or floating apps, was already know from a leftover in iOS8. Looks great! Having your main app getting 2/3 of the screen and give the rest of screen real state for apps like Twitter or Messenger makes a lot of sense. Specially when the iPad Pro 12' launches in October.

watchOS.. moving fast and furious. Extensions, what is that?

And them the wrecking ball of Apple Music enter the stage. The product has potencial but wasn't well sold. For me, the key would be if it would be the platform for new artist to distribute and sell their music which wasn't clear enough at this point. However it was very funny when Iovine didn't got the script joke "just three things". Pandora share already dropped 4% and Spotify should also be worried. Time will tell who will win, if Spotify algorithms or Apple's human curated playlist. The biggest advantage that Apple has is that they have the family plan (up to six people) for $14.99.

Overall I hope that the lack of new features is surpass by the stability of the new OS (OS X and iOS).