Twitter next step

Today, Dick Costolo announced that he will leave his CEO position on July 1st and Jack Dorsey will be the interim CEO.

Jack was one of the co-founders of Twitter and was CEO for a period in Twitter's life. "Hatching Twitter" from Nick Bilton is a great read to know the ins and outs. Now Jack runs Square, a payment startup that already has a valuation of $6billion. 

What now?

On Chris Sacca's 8500 words essay he states very good points on past, present and future opportunities for the company. Twitter should embrace even more the Live content and channels (in the app or a separate app) and that's what Jack should double down. I have been watching the NBA Finals and following Twitter during it is such an improvement of the experience hard to put into words.

But that leads to other point. How to bring people into Twitter? Only a few of my friends continue to use Twitter and is hard to me to show them it's value because what I get from Twitter won't necessary be the same for them. However that is also its beauty.

Can Jack help?

I hope he can, since Twitter is one of the two stocks I hold - I bet you can figure out what is the other one, but he will be spreading too thin between Twitter and Square. He is a product CEO and that's the reason why the board choose him for now. To lead the evolution of the product. The board should start to look within the company (I hope) for someone to lead the next step.