The new extension, AppleTV

WWDC is around the corner. From the press-release it seems pretty obvious that AppleTV will have the center stage.

Like the Apple Watch, the new AppleTV won't get a standalone SDK but will work with extensions. The apps, on your iPhone or Mac, that want to get to the AppleTV, will have to provide an extension for that. Did you thought that extensions were only for the Apple Watch? It seems logic that Apple will use the same mechanism. It will be AirPlay 2.0. This way, Apple can make a cheaper product because doesn't require to improve the hardware greatly, at least for now. It will get a better chip, more space but doesn't has to be a Mac Mini. The rumors also announce a new remote with Force Touch. Once again you see the Apple strategy, develop new technologies and apply it to products (Apple Watch, Macbook trackpad - now the remote and probably will be in the next iPhone) improving the ecosystem value. The navigation should shift from clicks to swipes or a sensor wheel (iPod wink wink).

Nothing is by chance, even the "9:42" time at the keynotes, but I will leave that topic for other post in a near future.