Have you been paying attention?

Since people only wanted to talk about the Apple Watch - yes, they made on purpose the talking point about the stand-up alert feature and only missed by 2min, they were at 58min mark - and completly disregarded what we can expect for the future iPhone 6S.


More efficient screen  - the new MacBook (which by the way is awesome) has the thinnest and more efficient screen that requires 30% less energy.

Smaller logic boards - More space for batteries.

Battery layers - "we don't want to ship air", with these battery sheets I think they could get 10-15% more capacity.

Stronger alluminum - the process used for the Apple Watch will for sure be the next iPhone.

Water resistence - Apple has already patented a new process to add water resistence to the logic board


This probably won't be in the next iPhone but Apple will make a stainless steal and gold iPhone to match Apple Watch. You can take it to the bank.