Apple's roadmap if I was Tim Cook

Apple is a hardware company, with services to give a better user experience. Having that in mind, lets look into their product line and current services and see what can be the next moves.


This is their main profit source and is not going away anytime soon.


Every new version Apple makes of iPhone, it becomes thinner but that has a limit that may be reached sonner rather than later. This year the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ had the iSight camera pop from the body. They could make a camera that would pop in and out to take a photo but that kind of moving parts of that size would became a durability problem. I would increase the iPhone in its thickness so that it would be possible to have more battery, a robust form factor, more space to improve the mechanics of the camera.


The market signals that we may have reached a peak. The main reason is that you don't need to update your iPad as often like you do with your iPhone. The lifecycle of the product is much bigger. Mine has almost 4 years and I don't see the need to replace it.


With bigger iPhones, the iPad Mini may be cannibalized. Apple has no problems doing that - iPhone cannibalized the iPod and it was a great startegy. iPhone 6+ and the iPad Mini are not so different, except the price. I see a market for a bigger iPad (art, games). Also adding TouchID seems obvious.

Laptop (MacBook pro, MacBook Air)

The sells are growing right now, for how long is hard to tell. If we start to see a “bring your machine to work”, Apple maybe have a bust in this market.


Kill the DVD drive in the MacBook Pro and add more battery capacity to it. Like in iPad, adding TouchID seems obvious to almost every product. The screens need to have smaller bezels in order to have a bigger display area without increase the current sizes. Adding 1-2inches to each model would be a tremendous improvement.

Desktop (MacPro, MacMini, iMac)

Smaller market.


MacMini, needs to be updated. More to be added in next chapter.
iMac, improve the display technology - focus on 4K displays. This display will power the MacPro and provide a more likely AppleTv
MacPro had a new life with the new model.


I love my AppleTV, it just works seamlessly with my devices.


I would kill the name but not the product. 


A new product that we don’t know much about. The only thing I know is that it will huge and will sell like hot cakes even if expensive. It will start at $349 which means that the top model will be +$1000. Add the various bands from $60 minimum and you start to see the amazing business it is. Apple also needs to have a trade-in program so that people can upgrade their Watch without throwing away completely the previous investment.
As the technology itself, Apple is probably waiting for some changes in FDA to remove some of the liabilities with heath issues and then the list of feature will open up.


Make it a stand-alone device. Battery life will always be a concern, I would try to add some of its capacity into the bracelets. Apple bought the huge quantity of sapphire which probably will be used in future models. 


Thank you


Sunset it

Now lets talk about new products


When the technology of the display is ready - roadmap from iMac. Right now we also don’t have 4K content which means that we have time to perfect the technology and user experience. People don’t buy TVs that often, is a big commitment so they need to get it right on the first version.


A gaming console. The development of Metal, brings a new level to graphics and I think that a gaming console is on its way. iOS with iPhone and iPad brought gaming to the masses, but the gaming world is huge market. The gaming console have a 5-6years cycle which the last one began nearly two years ago. Entering the market in two years could be a game change - no pun intended. Buying Valve would be also one possibility.


No seriously, they should buy Tesla. Tesla is the biggest battery producer with the best technology. Their cars are beloved by their customers and they have the same culture of caring about what they do.

Services that support all products


Is good but Apple needs to put more wood behind the arrow. They didn’t bought Dropbox at the time and now is probably too expensive. For many years the Mac was the hub for all your Apple devices, now is iCloud. 


Is very important that it works flawlessly.


Private. Simplicity. Easy. Huge. Is there anything else to say?


I could copy and paste what I wrote about iCloud here. I amazed how great the voice recognition works in portuguese.


Open Siri to third-party developers.


It will always need to be improved but from my experience I have no complains. 


I would license FourSquare locations database to improve search in Maps. 

Operation System

Mac OS X

Continuity from Yosemite is one of the best features I've seen lately.


Break iTunes into several apps. iTunes is just a mess, simplicity is the key.


Health and HomeKit will change how everyone looks into health and improve our quality life. With HomeKit our house can became more energy efficiency 


The ability to detect the context in where the device is being used and adapt to it. Imagine that if you are in the are the display should have bigger buttons and fewer options. The apps you use at home can be different from the ones you use outside - why not sorting those by your location.

Easy right? :)