Contextual User Interface

One of the concepts that Apple should focus is the contextual user interface for iPhone and iPad. Imagine that your home screen could display different apps if you are at home or at work, if you are walking or driving, if you are at your home town or visiting a city.

The first step towards this interface was adding TouchID. With that you can create profiles - yes I know that Android already has profiles - but who wants to do logins and logouts? With TouchID you can identify the person who is using the devices and organize the apps according. 

Once the system is able to do this, you can build on top of it. Homekit will provide the contextual awareness at home. Your AppleTV, iWatch, Macbook, etc.. all have iBeacon that will provide a location. When iBeacon expand to other devices or standalone hotspots all this location awareness will be much more useful.