Fifteen Years Ago

Yesterday I was talking with my cousin that at the time was living in New York. To this day she still remembers and hears the sirens from the firefighters, that was what woke her up.

Time does heal all wounds, but the scars remain. And for as long as I live, the eleventh day of September will be a day to stare at them.
— Fred Wilson, AVC

I was staring at the TV, watching the news of first hit when saw the second plane got into the other tower. Called a friend and we spent the rest of the day following the news on TV. The footage of that day from CNN is on YouTube (part I and part II) - something should be properly archived for future generations.

Finding Simplicity

It has been almost two years since a friend challenged me to pick up drawing again. Me being a megalomaniac, I called the project "Um Desenho Por Dia" (one draw a day) which of course I wasn't able to keep up. I made on average one every two weeks. Two years later, I went from copying pictures to developing my own style. The best representation I can make of it, is like making the minimal amount of lines in order to capture the image I want to share. Susan Kare shared her process to develop icons for the first Mac, where she had to capture the simplicity in order to transmit clarity. Since I don't like to draw something for days, usually mine take at most thirty minutes to complete, I had to find that same simplicity but for different reasons. Don't get me wrong, simplicity is not synonymous to quick or easy. Far from it. My latest drawing could probably be completed in one minute if I was Picasso, but since I'm not, it took me my average time where I had draw a line, erase it and redraw. How do you make one good enough draw? For me, I draw twenty shitty ones first. 

While writing this article I found out that Apple used Picasso's Bull process to show new employees how Apple thinks about designing software. The same simplicity can be applied here. One of the things I like the most when developing software, is to erase it - rewrite it to make it simple and less confuse.

It is amazing how many similarities exist between different areas that can gain so much by connecting the dots. The problem is that this process is not easy.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.
— Steve Jobs

TEN - Happy 25th

I wasn't there from the beginning but after I found out about Pearl Jam, this record, and all the others the released ever since, have been the soundtrack of my life for better or worst, ups and downs.

Now that the debates have cooled and the dust has settled, however, TEN stands tall as one of the most iconic records of its era.

Is very difficult to express into words what you feel when you're listening Release and pouring rain wets your face while you sing along with thousands of friends. When you jump with Jeff and scream "yeah" during "Even Flow". When you whisper "Black" into a soul. When you lose your voice from calling "Jeremy". When your fingers bleed from playing "Porch" time and time again, When you are walking on the beach and "Oceans" is playing, even if only in your head.

I wasn't there from the beginning but I'm sure will be there at the end - whenever that will be.

HBO: The Wire

Come at the king, you best not miss.
- Omar

I finally saw the entire series and I gotta tell y'all (gangster style), David Simon made the best tv show I ever saw. It's smart, it's so real that after awhile you forget that you are watching a tv show and think that you are right there in middle of Baltimore in some street corner.

If you never saw "The Wire" you probably have listen to other shows quoting it - shiiiiiiiiit is so well written.  if you don't like crime/investigation shows/movies, well it's because you never saw something done right like "The Wire", so do yourself a favor and go watch it.

A life, Jimmy, you know what that is? It's the shit that happens while you're waiting for moments that never come.
- Lester

Michael Phelps Made Me Cry (Good Tears)

Don’t tell me what’s wrong with the Olympics. Let me tell you what’s right with them.

In a world rife with failure and bitter compromise, they’re dedicated to dreaming and to the proposition that limits are entirely negotiable, because they reflect only what has been done to date and not what’s doable in time.
- Frank Bruni, NY Times

Phelps has is name written in gold in the history of sports. He has done it after he went to dark places when he pleaded guilty for DUI a couple of years back. 

What I did was wrong, and I made a bad mistake. I’m looking forward to having a much brighter future than I had in the past.
- Michael Phelps, 2014

Kudos to you man. You had it all, lose it and had the strength to get it back. 

Last week, Joe Biden used this quote during his speech

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places .
- Ernest Hemingway

Tim Cook On Apple's Values, Mistakes, And Seeing Around Corners

That’s meant making great products, innovating, and surprising them, and having features embedded in our products that they don’t know are there when they buy, but that they find out some time later.
- Tim Cook

This was exactly what Tesla has done with the autopilot feature. With a flip of a switch, every model S had that feature. Now the question is, what technology they [Apple] already added to their products that can be a game changer? My bet is personal payments, Apple Pay with iMessage.